MaintenanceSeptember 16, 2022

Top Fall HVAC Tips: Here’s How to Avoid Costly Repairs

Fall is upon us! With all the autumnal colors and temperate weather, it can be easy to forget about HVAC maintenance. However, during the fall, it’s crucial to perform seasonal maintenance on your heating and cooling systems. Leaving your units unchecked can lead to issues with your system with potentially costly repairs.  

Even worse, neglecting your systems could leave you without heating during winter. Prevention helps you to avoid expensive repairs. Here are tips that will help you to maintain your heating and cooling systems for the fall.   

Replace Air Filters   

Most air filters need to be changed anywhere from every 30-90 days. A good practice is to check your filter monthly just in case it needs changing. At Comfort Masters, we recommend seasonal changes to air filters, particularly during the start of spring and fall. Take this time to replace all the filters in your home so that you aren’t circulating dust for the next few months.   

Clear the Space Around Your Heater   

This tip may seem obvious, but after two seasons of not using your heater, you might be storing combustible materials near your radiator or heating system. Before turning up the temperature, remove anything that could overheat, burn, or melt from its proximity to the heater.   

Test Your Heater & Thermostat  

Test your heater’s capabilities by turning up the temperature on your thermostat gradually over a few days as outdoor temperatures drop. You can also crank up the heat all at once to check your heater, but don’t overdo it!    

If you only feel the heat in some rooms, or you feel no changes in temperature, schedule a check-up with our HVAC technician immediately. Don’t wait for the freezing weather to hit! When you schedule with Comfort Masters now, during the fall, you’ll be ahead of the crowd.   

Keep the Outdoor Unit Free from Debris   

With the beautiful fall weather comes falling leaves that blanket your yard. Unfortunately, these leaves, sticks, and other debris get lodged in your HVAC system, causing issues with the unit. Brush and clear away the loose debris and leaves to help prevent future repair expenses. Consider investing in a breathable cover to prevent snow, ice, and excessive water from getting into your AC unit.    

Schedule a Maintenance Check-up   

Call us at Comfort Masters to schedule an assessment to catch early warning signs. Our expert technicians will take a look at your home and HVAC system to keep your system running great throughout the year!  

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