HeatingMarch 5, 2023

Furnace Runs But No Heat? How To Fix It

Your furnace is an important part of your home, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. But when your furnace stops working properly, it can cause serious problems for your family. 

Check the Thermostat. 

If your thermostat isn’t set correctly, it might not be heating up your house at all. You should check the settings on your thermostat every month to make sure it’s working properly. 

Clean the Filter. 

A dirty filter will cause your furnace to work harder than necessary. This means more energy consumption and higher utility bills. 

Replace the Fuse. 

If your furnace has been running for several months without heating up, check the fuse box first. You should replace any blown fuses immediately. 

Change the Air Duct Filters. 

Next, check the air duct filters. They need to be changed every month. This will help ensure that the air coming into your home is clean and free of dust and debris. 

Check the Pilot Light. 

If you notice that the pilot light isn’t lit, then there is probably something wrong with the gas valve. You should call an expert to come out and inspect the system. 

Next Step: Call Comfort Masters!

Your furnace is one of the essential features of your home. Ignoring any one of the above warning signs can lead to severe problems and costly repairs. Don’t wait until your furnace finally quits. Call Comfort Masters today!

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