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Top 8 Signs You Need An Emergency HVAC Consultation

Whatever the weather is outside, it’s always a comfort to walk into your home and step into your preferred environment. Your HVAC system makes it suitable, so it is essential to ensure your unit runs optimally. You shouldn’t ignore some warning signs because they could mean a broken system and costly repairs that could put you in an uncomfortable situation. 

Strange Noises Mean Something is Off in your HVAC system

A properly maintained HVAC system will purr like a kitten or hum so gently that we often take it for granted and forget about it. We usually find comfort in the background noise that an efficient HVAC system produces as it’s running. So, when an abrupt noise suddenly disrupts that solace, it begs for attention, and you should be aware that a problem has occurred. 

To avoid a small problem becoming more extensive and costly, immediately report strange noises to your professional HVAC service provider. Even a strange noise is better than the silence of a broken system, but that’s what could be in store for you if you don’t get it inspected immediately. 

You Shouldn’t Be Able to Smell the Air Coming From your HVAC Unit

Like an HVAC unit’s sound, the air it pushes into your home shouldn’t be intrusive. Instead, it should disappear into the background and be forgotten, but if a smell comes from your vents, then it’s time to call an expert. 

Smelly air means there is something wrong with your filtration or your ductwork. Either way, the passage your air travels through needs to be inspected to ensure there isn’t any internal damage. Many times it’s just a filter that needs to be replaced, but the smell of mildew or burnt plastic means there might be a more severe issue. 

Call Your HVAC Specialist if a strange smell comes from your unit. They will thoroughly sweep your unit’s ductwork to ensure everything is clean and clear.

Unwanted Moisture Around Your HVAC Unit Means There are Drainage Issues Present

If your HVAC Unit has water collecting underneath it, this is a good indicator that a line is clogged somewhere. Clogged lines make it hard for the unit to run optimally and can create unwanted stress. If you see moisture in or around your unit, call an HVAC pro to determine where the issue is.

A Broken Thermostat can Make it Difficult For Your HVAC System to Heat/Cool Your Home.

Broken Thermostats are common in households with children. Because thermostats protrude from the wall, it’s easy for children to damage them. However, a broken thermostat is easy to fix. So don’t let your house fall into uncomfortable conditions. Call a technician if your thermostat isn’t activating your HVAC system.

If Warm Air is Blowing Out of Your AC, Call an HVAC Professional

If your HVAC is set to blow cooler air in the summer and you’re feeling warm air coming out of the vents, then it’s time for an emergency visit from a professional HVAC technician

Warm air blowing out of your vents when the unit is set to AC means something faulty in the compressor or a blockage in the lines. Either way, making the call to have an inspection made will get the issue fixed quickly. You don’t want to spend hot summer days without AC. 

Decreased Airflow Might Mean There is Blockage in Your HVAC Unit

If your unit is putting out air like it used to, there is a good chance that one of your air ducts might be blocked. Of course, obstructions can happen, but they need to be cleared right away. Refusing to do so can cause severe damage to the ductwork and the unit’s motor as it tries to compensate for the air that’s being blocked. 

Reduced airflow could also signify that your motor is starting to give out. Whatever the case, your HVAC system should put out constant airflow to ensure that it doesn’t stress your engine or create unfavorable conditions within your home. If you suspect your HVAC system is blowing less air, contact your local HVAC repair company so they can diagnose the issue. 

A Faulty Outdoor Fan is a Major Red Flag for HVAC Owners

Your Outdoor fan is a pivotal piece within your system. It’s responsible for moving hot air out of your house so cool air can move in. If the fan is faulty, the rest of the system is still working to cool your home, but without the fan’s help removing the hot air, the unit has to work harder. 

If your fan doesn’t appear to be working as it should, then you should call an HVAC professional Immediately. Don’t wait until it causes more damage to your entire unit. 

Constant Visits to Your Breaker Box Means It’s Time for an HVAC Inspection

Your HVAC uses more electricity than any other appliance in your home. Electricians carefully route wires and direct electricity to your unit’s location. If your unit is tripping your breakers, this can be potentially dangerous. Don’t wait around if you have to visit the breaker box when your HVAC system is running.


Your HVAC system is one of the essential features of your home. Ignoring any one of the above warning signs can lead to severe problems and costly repairs. Don’t wait until your HVAC finally quits; call Comfort Masters today!

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