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Top 4 Ways To Reduce HVAC Noise

HVAC systems keep our houses comfortable by controlling the temperature and removing unwanted humidity. No matter what is happening outside your home, your HVAC system will ensure you are cozy inside. But, as it works to create an optimal environment for us, it can also produce inconveniences.

An HVAC system is responsible for moving heated and cooled air through a building to create comfortable conditions for those inside, which can happen in various ways depending on your system type. Your HVAC forces through this airflow can create noisy conditions if the unit isn’t adequately soundproofed. Vibrations from the unit and air passing through the ductwork can create noises that make it hard to concentrate at work or to rest at home.

How Can I Soundproof My HVAC System?

Isolation pad or Vibration Mounts

When your HVAC unit kicks on, the fans start spinning, causing the unit to vibrate, and as the blades go to their full speed, the sound it makes can be heard far from the unit itself. Placing an isolation pad or vibration mounts under the unit can help eliminate some vibrations that transfer to the floor. This will help decrease the hum and shaky sounds that your unit might be making.

Sound-Dampening Materials

While adding isolation pads or vibration mounts will help eliminate some of the noise, it’s important to remember that not all of that vibration travels downward. You might still hear a loud hum escaping from the top or sides of the unit as well. The best way to eliminate this problem is to wrap your unit in sound-dampening materials.

Sound-dampening materials are fairly easy to work with, and you probably won’t need an expert to help you install them around your unit. It comes in sheets that are easy to cut and use according to the size of your unit.

Other sound-dampening materials include acoustical curtains and blankets. These fabrics trap sound waves from venturing further than the curtain or blanket. This is an excellent economical option if you don’t want to build an HVAC closet.

Build an HVAC Closet Or Wall

The most effective way to get rid of unwanted noise pollution from your HVAC system is to hide it entirely behind a wall or inside of a closet. Many modern houses have an HVAC closet already constructed within the home.

For others, creating a wall serves the same purpose. This solution provides multiple benefits to the homeowner beyond just sound control. It also helps to hide these large machines behind something more aesthetic, effectively hiding the large fixture from the view of guests and family members.

To ensure that your HVAC closet is fully soundproof, you’ll want to have dense walls and insulation and a heavy door to help mute the vibrations and hums your HVAC system makes. You will also want to ensure your insulation is safe around your particular unit.

Replace your aging HVAC system

Suttle noises are familiar with HVAC systems, but loud, obnoxious noises might indicate that it’s time to replace your unit. Technology has improved in the last decade, and the HVACS of today are much quieter than those 20 or more years old. Getting a new unit will eliminate those loud noises and maybe some quieter ones too.

Call The Comfort Pros

If you’re having problems dealing with a loud HVAC system, call Comfort Masters to get the problem fixed. Whether it’s coming up with a solution to quiet your current HVAC system or replacing it with a new one, Comfort Masters has you covered.

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