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Top 3 HVAC Tips to Ensure Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner! As you prepare to decorate your home with all the spooky d├ęcor, we encourage you to keep HVAC safety in mind while decorating your home for the holidays.

At Comfort Masters, we offer tips and recommendations to keep your family safe and in year-round comfort. Here are our top 3 tips to get you started:

Keep your Air Vents Clear

Your air vents are the pathway for clean, fresh air to enter your home, so avoid hanging Halloween decorations on or near them. If you cover your vents, while festive to the eye, you’ll block airflow, create a fire hazard, and overtax your system leading to higher utility bills.

Avoid Blocking Outdoor Units

While decorating your house for the spooky season is fun, avoid blocking your outdoor HVAC unit. One of the best places for most Halloween decor is on your front porch, anyway! So, avoid hanging spider webs, floating ghosts, or other ghoulish creatures anywhere near your HVAC unit. You might like to light your fall-scented candles but keep those flammable materials under control.

Your Halloween decorations could take on a new scary dimension if you leave them near your HVAC unit. Even if you don’t start a fire, you could cause overheating and damage. For ghostly shadows and a scary afterglow, use battery-powered decorations and candles. They are a quick-and-easy way to set the mood while keeping your home safe.

Hang Outside & Save Money!

Halloween is already an expensive-enough extravaganza with decorations, costumes, parties, candy, and more. Have you considered the hit to your wallet when your energy bill is through the roof? You’re letting all that heat escape outside when you open and close the door all night. So, why not keep your energy bill low this Halloween by sitting outside during this fun and entertaining night with your family?

Watch a (kid-appropriate) scary movie projected in your garage or sit outside with a fire pit to keep warm and comfortable while you hand out candy.

How Comfort Masters Can Help

As you prepare for Halloween, schedule HVAC maintenance with a professional to ensure you’re ready for whatever this season will bring you. Comfort Masters can service practically any heating system and install new systems that matched perfectly your needs and budget.

You can count on Comfort Masters for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. We provide quality service, guaranteed. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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